On the Swiss rock and roll. 5 days in….

Have I got anything interesting to say? I guess anyone thinking about blogging needs to consider this question. Is anyone remotely interested in what an unemployed, 52 year old expat in Switzerland thinks, or writes about anything? Don’t know, don’t care. Probably a bit of public therapy or navel gazing, and just maybe there will be a small nugget that might make someone think. But probably not…..

So after 26 years, Nestlé decided that there was no longer a Carl-sized hole in their organisation. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, mainly because there was no alternative! It was a generous offer however, and gives me time to really think through the next stage in my life, and allows a degree of security for my children. As I am on my own, this is a challenge. As I am on on my own. this is a gift. There is a clear choice in how I respond. I choose gift. The evangelist Chuck Swindoll famously said “We have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for the day. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. Our attitude is everything”

Bang on. A positive mind set really costs nothing. It can set you apart from the moaning masses. Does anything good, anything worthwhile come from a cynical, miserable attitude? Who are the friends and family that make you feel good, that energise you, are fun to be around? Certainly not the complainers and whingers! The former England rugby coach, Sir Clive Woodward, talks about ‘energisers and energy sappers’ within teams and organisations. Guess which he preferred? Did England win the Rugby World Cup with a team driven forward by energised leaders? Oh yes!

Inspirational people come in many shapes and forms but I imagine e very few begin a conversation, presentation or address by complaining that their tea is too weak, or that they lost a limb whilst serving their country.

We are presented with a choice in each situation, in each fresh season of our lives. I have the opportunity to restart my life, maybe to do something different. Perhaps something crazy. Or maybe continue to be a corporate wage slave. Coffee shop entrepreneur. Foggy from the Last of the Summer Wine….Young enough to still retain some desire and passion, whilst possessing an element of experience and wisdom. And Faith. I believe that there is a path for me, should I choose to follow it. The choice belongs to me and my God.

Let us be relentless in our positivity. Let us look for the good in people. Then you will be rewarded. With a smile, with a job, with love. It’s all out there. We just need to look with an open heart.

3 thoughts on “On the Swiss rock and roll. 5 days in….”

  1. Carl I’ve known you for a very long time as a warrior and Captain on the rugby field and as a very good friend. I respect you more than I ever have reading your new blog but also your Facebook page over recent years. You have faced some challenges, as we all do, and as you rightly say it is how you deal with them that defines you. I think we learnt a lot together on those rugby pitches, never more so in defeat. We tended to come out fighting but clear headed. Enjoy your latest journey. I am very excited for you and know you will thrive. If there is anything we can do let us know. Just a few pieces of advice. Don’t hit anyone and a port wave never harms anyone!!

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