Do you even?

  • AAs part of my continuing journey of self improvement and change (ok, translating as having a lot of time to explore new and different things…) I have been frequenting the gym. In fact a mixture of gym and classes, with many varied experiences. My ‘home’ gym is Let’s Go Fitness in Vevey, but a great benefit of the membership is the opportunity to use any of the Let’s Go gyms around the country. So when I am out and about, my trusty personalised Riviera Rugby kitbag is always in the car, thus ensuring I have no excuse to skip leg day. Actually, currently loving hitting the squat rack and the relevant torture instruments! Despite creaking, cartilage free knees, new confidence in performing leg exercise has developed, thanks to the support of Will at Core Training (more about them later) and I am squatting. Not deep nasty squats, but getting some of the way down, and most importantly, all the way back up again!

As anyone who has the patience and high boredom threshold to follow me on Facebook realises, I avail myself of the fitness facilities on a regular basis. I usually train four to five times a week. Montreux, Vevey, Ecublens, Lutry and Gland have all been on my shopping list, as well as the team at Core Training, also in Vevey. These guys are great by the way, young folk working hard to make a difference in people’s attitudes to well being. (Kudos Will and Laura). I think this qualifies me reasonably well to make a few observations on people and behaviour whilst training…..

Leggings. On men. No. Please. They are both unbecoming and unnecessary. Granted, there are some proper athletic types that they suit, but they are in the minority! Also, you are indoors. Gyms are not know for being especially cold places. We are all prone to sartorial gaffs (I am of course well known for my fashion sense) but please, no one wants to tell if you are circumcised or not in the gym.

Full make up and fake tan. Ladies this one is for you. I get that you want to look at your best, and going to the gym is part of that process. Respect. But you are in the house of pain, not the (insert name of well known night club here – no, not a clue…)

Leaving weights out or on the bars. This drives me up the pole. It is pure laziness and a lack of consideration to other gym users. No one is impressed if you are doing lateral raises with 32kg dumbbells (actually I would be a little impressed) if you just leave them lying around for someone to fall over. Because they will, seen it happen. And take your plates off the barbell. Do not assume that the next one up is going to lift the same as you. Just be a little considerate to the other users.

Ok, this one is a little difficult. Personal hygiene. We are there in the gym to work, a by product of work is sweat, and left untreated, can be a bit whiffy. Fact. However, there is the occasional gym-goer who reeks like the N109 coming through Streatham at 02.00 after everyone has visited the Kebab house. Not so much a delicate pot-pourri, but an odour that you can taste. Seriously, dude, I don’t believe you cannot smell yourself.

Talking. Ok this is me, and I am sure other people don’t feel the same. One guy in the Vevey gym seems to know everyone. He’s a big unit so I guess he lifts, but I have never seen him do anything! Call me a miserable old sod, but I am not there to chat or improve my French. I am there to fight against the ravages of time and too many cheese sandwiches. I have my ear buds in for a reason. Not just to listen to music but to STOP PEOPLE FROM TALKING TO ME…..

Wannabe gangsters. You know the type. All in black with the silly tapered jogging bottoms. Standing around cheering each other on whilst wearing a) a black SnapBack, b) a black hoodie without sleeves to show off the tribal tattoos, or a combination of both a and b. You’re not from the street, guys. You are from the quaint Swiss town of Vevey, where living dangerously is mowing your lawn on a Sunday. The only gang I have heard of are the Old Fogeys, a bunch of really nice guys, teetering on middle age, who ride Harleys when the weather is sunny. (No disrespect guys, I don’t want you coming round, and you know, making me a cup of tea or something)

So, just a few thoughts. I love the gym, and love nearly everyone who is there with the intention of improving themselves. Or proving themselves. But the most important battle in the gym is with your self.

Keep working on your self!

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